How ethical is your organisation?

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  • Working on integrity with the results of a Telluz scan leads to considerable cost savings.
  • Telluz maps out the gap between desired and actual behaviour.
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Sustainable Behavior Change

Mapping out how people think about integrity-related topics is essential to lay the foundation for behavioral change:

1. Understanding mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs
A Telluz scan examines and analyses people’s thinking and attitudes towards these topics. Mapping out mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs helps you understand how individuals perceive certain behaviours, what their personal norms and values are, why they approve or disapprove of these actions, and which factors may influence their perceptions.

2. Identifying behavior patterns
By understanding prevailing mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs, social patterns can be identified. Social patterns are unwritten rules that determine what behaviour is considered socially acceptable or unacceptable within a specific organisation. These patterns play a crucial role in shaping behaviour.

3. Connecting norms and behaviour
By measuring how individual norms and values translate into concrete behaviour, we identify the gap between what people claim to support and what they actually do. This helps to understand factors influencing behaviour, such as social pressure, environmental influences, and personal considerations.

4. Creating awareness and self-reflection
Reporting the findings and insights from the scan can lead to awareness of the impact of behaviour. People can become conscious of how their attitudes and beliefs contribute to certain behaviours and may be encouraged to evaluate their own conduct critically.

5. Targeted interventions
The obtained insights can help develop targeted interventions to promote behavioural change. These interventions can vary depending on specific objectives and the nature of the behaviour that needs to be influenced. Possible interventions may include awareness campaigns, training programmes, educational initiatives, and facilitating dialogue among involved parties.

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