How ethical is your organisation?

Ethical behavior in the workplace is essential for promoting trust, productivity, and a positive work culture.

Telluz measures the integrity temperature in the workplace of organizations. The results of a Telluz scan form the basis for behavioral change.

  • “Telluz is the only tool that takes the norm itself as a starting point. That’s unique.”
  • Working on integrity with the results of a Telluz scan leads to considerable cost savings.
  • Telluz maps out the gap between desired and actual behaviour.
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Discover the power of integrity and promote sustainable behavioural change within your organisation with the Telluz scan. As the first step, Telluz provides a thorough understanding of your employees’ moral compass and integrity culture. Through carefully selected examples, combined with the expertise of our experienced reporting team, you gain an accurate picture of the current situation and challenges in the realm of integrity.

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How ethical is your organisation?

Together, we discuss the findings and provide tailored advice for an effective follow-up trajectory.

Take the lead in promoting ethical behaviour, enhancing trust, and strengthening your organisation’s reputation. Choose Telluz and set the course for sustainable behavioural change today.

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Analyses of existing behaviour

To change people’s behaviour effectively and sustainably, it is essential to have an understanding of how they behave currently. Analysing existing behaviour provides insights into the patterns, habits and motivations that underlie their actions.

Telluz maps out the existing situation and captures how integrity-related topics such as misconduct, conflicts of interest, abuse of power, favouritism, etc., are perceived and discussed in the workplace.

Subsequently, Telluz measures how all these individual patterns, habits, and motivations translate into concrete behaviour (both desired and undesired) in the workplace. Based on these measurements, targeted interventions and strategies can be developed.

The Telluz scan

The Telluz scan is designed to gather the perspectives and feedback of employees in the workplace. It revolves around actively collecting information from the grassroots of the organisation.

A Telluz Scan consists of four online rounds of questions presenting a series of behavioural examples to the user for evaluation. The four rounds are interspersed with open-ended questions and statements.

  • A manager invites an employee to have a drink at his/her home.
  • A colleague makes sexually suggestive remarks in company.
  • A manager compliments an employee on his/her appearance.
  • In private situations I sometimes mention my function to get something done.
  • During a meeting, a colleague is answering emails on his/her mobile.
  • A fellow councilor lobbies a policy official to amend a draft policy memorandum.
  • A colleague makes a color copy of his/her son’s school assignment.
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Four Insights

Each of the four Telluz rounds has a unique focus and addresses a different aspect of the organisation’s integrity level, providing a comprehensive view when they are combined. This gives management and employees a complete understanding of where the organisation stands regarding integrity, what its strengths are, and where there is room for improvement.

This approach can help organisations take effective measures to promote an honest and ethical work environment, thereby strengthening the trust of all stakeholders.

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1. Moral compass

What do participants generally consider as right and wrong behavior?

2. In practice

Do participants think that their colleagues and managers behave in accordance with this moral compass?

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3. Self-Reflection

Do participants feel that they themselves behave in accordance with this moral compass?

4. The Solution

What do participants think is the best intervention to bring the organization to a higher level of integrity?


After answering all the questions, an underlying algorithm generates a detailed report. This provides an overview of the prevailing norms and values within the organisation, identifies patterns and trends in the answers and responses, and detects possible integrity violations.

In addition to identifying integrity violations, the report also offers suggestions and recommendations to address them. The algorithm can propose potential measures aimed at improving the ethical culture within the organisation, strengthening compliance with codes of conduct, implementing training and awareness programs, and promoting open communication on integrity matters.

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roadmap telluz 8 steps to a better ethical organisation


The Telluz team of experienced psychologists, developers, and programmers guides each Telluz scan from the intake to the final report. During the final meeting, the key findings and recommendations regarding the organisation’s integrity level are extensively discussed and provided in the form of a personalized dashboard.


Telluz ensures complete anonymity by using a generic login code for each organization, which is the same for all users and not linked to any personal information such as name or email address. This means that it is not possible to trace which specific user provided certain data. There is no connection between the entered data and the identity of the user. This provides the highest level of privacy and anonymity to all users.

Furthermore, as we do not store users’ IP addresses, the user data cannot be linked to a specific location, internet service provider, or individual. This adds an extra level of anonymity and security to the collected data.

Users can participate in a Telluz scan with confidence, knowing that their personal information cannot be traced back to their identity or location.

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